Llibre: “Andrea Víctrix” (english)


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Autor/a: Llorenç Villalonga.
Editorial: Fum d’Estampa Press.
Traducció: P. Louise Johnson
Any d’edició: 2021

Part socio-political essay, part dystopian fiction, Andrea Víctrix presents a shockingly prescient vision of Palma, Mallorca in 2050. In comparing the anonymous narrator’s “Traditional” 1960s values with a future society that has done away with family and gender, Villalonga sets up an intriguing interplay between the narrator and the androgynous Andrea Víctrix, so-called Director of Pleasure, in a powerfully satirical, sometimes ironic exploration of contemporary issues such as gender and sexuality, soncumerism, environmental disaster and the politics of big business.

Tapa tova, 296 pàgines.
Mides: 19,5 x 13 cms.


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